Thursday, January 27, 2011

My email to Al Futtaim / Volvo in UAE

For those of you who don't know, I bought a brand new Volvo C30 on August 10, 2010. It is January 27, 2011 and my car has been in the service station for almost a month and a half since I bought it. This is due to a recurring error ("Transmission Performance Low") that kept popping up, making my car go into limp mode.

I have been in touch with Al Futtaim representative at different stages. I will be writing another blog post detailing the kind of experience (not pleasnat!) I've had, but this is an email that I just wrote to them after a very disappointing call with their National After Sales Services Manager.

I just wanted to share it with you all.

Also, if you have any contacts within Al Futtaim UAE or Volvo, do please share with me.

A detailed post with the exact timeline of what has happened with me and my car will be up shortly.


Dear Mr. X,

I have reviewed the letter you have attached herewith for my reference. I refuse to accept this letter from your side.

The meeting I had with you and Mr. Y yesterday has clearly been a complete waste of time. Whilst my request to you was to state that you give me a guarantee that the recurring error ("Transmission Performance Low") would not come back again, all I see in this letter is that you are "quite assured" that the error will not occur.

Every single time I have reported the very same error to you or someone at Al Futtaim, I have walked away with the car with an utmost 'assurance' from your side that the car is fixed 'this time'. And yet, the error came up each and every single time.

I made myself very clear yesterday that I needed a guarantee from your end that this would not happen again. Instead, I get Mr. Y's "opinion" that all the issues in my car are resolved.

I had given you two options during our meeting yesterday: give me a letter guaranteeing my safety on the road in that car (wrt 'Transmission Performance Low' error) - that is to say, guarantee that the error will not come back again, or kindly take the car back. You have now reverted back to me with a letter that merely states what you have done with the car since I started reporting the error to you, along with 'assurances' and 'opinions' on the current and potential future state of its performance. It does not give me any guarantees, whatsoever.

Not only am I disappointed in the letter that you have sent, but I am also disappointed in the way I have been spoken to by Mr. Y. He made no attempts to hold back his utter frustration while speaking to me on the phone. If dealing with a harassed customer that has reported the same issue to you repeatedly is such a hassle for you, then you should make that clear to us at the very beginning. If he has to heave a sigh of frustration when I tell him why I am agitated, rest assured it will do anything
but bring my temper down! In no way am I assured of my safety on the road, and on top of all that, I am spoken to in a way that is most offensive!

I no longer wish to receive any kind of an assurance or guarantee letter from Volvo / Al Futtaim. I have sat back and been extremely civil thus far. Whilst I will remain to be civil in the future as well, I won't sit back anymore.

In addition, I no longer wish to deal with you both. Clearly these attempts have failed drastically and I am now being treated like a child that is throwing a silly tantrum. Instead of being reassured, my intelligence is being insulted by the way I have been spoken to. If you sat back for one minute and put yourself in my shoes, I am sure you would appreciate my plight and agitation. Alas!

I wish to reiterate that despite the fact I reported the same error to you over and over again, it has not been rectified. Yes, you may say that it has
now been rectified, but I cannot believe you because this is exactly what you have said to me each time in the past that I communicated this error with you.

I would like you to kindly send me yours and Mr. Y's superior's contact number and email address so I can take this matter up with them.

Again, I no longer want a letter of guarantee from your end.

After the way I have been spoken to just about an hour ago, I do not want to interact with anyone, except for your superiors.

Kindly revert back to me at the earliest with these email addresses. Under the circumstances, I'm sure you will appreciate and agree that this is the least you could do.


Swati Randev-Verma
One of your most upset, agitated and disappointed clients


Copy of the letter from Volvo to which numerous references have been made in this email / blog post:


Anonymous said...

Name and shame them in the newspapers!

Partha Srinivasan said...

Oh Dear!!

A Volvo dealership that does not adhere to the safety norms of the Company!!

MY MY! What has the world come to.

Anyway - A very well written letter to the management! I recommend writing to the Volvo HO from their website - it will be read and acted upon since their integrity is at question here.

Will see what I can do in the meanwhile!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, this could come in very late considering the only comment that I see here is dated Jan 2011. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that the issue regarding your c30 has been solved.

Xc90 owner