Monday, October 18, 2010

Twits and their #AwesomeHandles – Second Edition

After the stupendous success (hey, it’s my blog!) of the first edition of #AwesomeHandles, I now present to you ‘Twits and their #AwesomeHandles – Second Edition’!

I’m quite ashamed to say that I missed mentioning a number of AwesomeHandles in the first edition. And that sort of brought around the second edition. And if I’m honest with you, I’ve already started compiling the third edition! Yes, yes…me = geek. Proudly so. *humph*

Anywho, so just to give you guys a heads up on why the number differences in the different editions: I’d been waiting for a while to blog the first edition of #AwesomeHandles and the list sort of just, well, kept growing! I ended up blogging 156 in the first edition. Corny as it may sound to you, the second edition will have 104 handles to even out the number to a grand total of 260 #AwesomeHandles. The third edition (which, by the way, is halfway through) will have a list of 40 #AwesomeHandles to make the total then at 300. The editions that will follow will have 50 #AwesomeHandles each!

Why, you ask? Because I said so. And also because, like I said earlier, I’m a bit of a geek. I can’t work without whole, even numbers. Eats me alive! *shudder*

Before moving on, a special mention going out to two people who changed their old handles just so they could be featured here! You guys are the sweetest! Big shout out going to @RamyStrips and @FultoFaltu – *muuuuuuuuuuuuuuah*

And a big bear hug going out to @md610 for her constant recommendations for #AwesomeHandles! You’re awesome, sugah!

Soooooo…without further ado, I present to you the second edition of ‘Twits and their #AwesomeHandles’:

  1. @2w8er
  2. @ABHIandNOW
  3. @ahem_rudra_asmi
  4. @AhsWeepay
  5. @appadappajappa
  6. @apunbindaas
  7. @AshikOnFire
  8. @AuraofDreams
  9. @awayandout
  10. @b0nkers
  11. @Baby_priesT
  12. @badnaam
  14. @blogadda
  15. @blustorm
  16. @bubblegumburst
  17. @Bumbhai
  18. @busy_idling
  19. @candinam
  20. @cerebral_PULP
  21. @Chirpy_Kulfi
  22. @ChodafoneIN
  23. @DamnItsTrue
  24. @DesiMurga
  25. @dhakkanz
  26. @DrYumYumSingh
  27. @dunkdaft
  28. @fartfree
  29. @fartingpen
  30. @FearlessinDubai
  31. @fitehal
  32. @friedeye
  33. @FuckMeBiebs
  34. @FultoFaltu
  35. @goDODOgo
  36. @GucciFemme
  37. @hankypanty
  38. @hellomehippo
  39. @highandwild
  40. @i_r_squared
  41. @IAmNotBot
  42. @impsyche
  43. @InaFryingPan
  44. @iRapedhim
  45. @JaggedArrowHead
  46. @JalMeinKahin
  47. @jhakaaas
  48. @kaalicharan
  49. @KabaadiWalah
  50. @kanwarsation
  51. @khatmal
  52. @khuljasimsim
  53. @KickByStick
  54. @laapata
  55. @legendofrajni
  56. @lifeisbetter
  57. @livestradamus
  58. @Lord_Ram
  59. @lostshouts
  60. @madinsomniac
  61. @manuscrypts
  62. @maximustoxicus
  63. @mental_floss
  64. @Merafarz
  65. @moderncrusader
  66. @mojorojo
  67. @monkeyblazer
  68. @mPhreak
  69. @MTVbakra
  70. @naamakool
  71. @ouchmytoe
  72. @pappupager
  73. @pehchan_kaun
  74. @pinkmoonpeeps
  75. @prempanicker
  76. @probabilism
  77. @PsychoMaan
  78. @pumpkinking06
  79. @raggedtag
  80. @ram_dulari
  81. @RamyStrips
  83. @satanbhagat
  84. @shikaari_shambu
  85. @silentcroonings
  86. @silentmedia
  87. @silv3rglee (on popular demand - from my previous post - I've gone ahead and added my own handle to the list! *halo over head* )
  88. @SLotH13
  89. @SparklinGuy
  90. @Spoilt_Bratt
  91. @tantanoo
  92. @tarzanhoon
  93. @textualoffender
  94. @theAngrezJailer
  96. @themovingcloud
  97. @theregos
  98. @umennet
  99. @unknownuser666
  100. @verbalKungFu
  101. @ViceCapt_Planet
  102. @want_beer
  103. @wildchildsk
  104. @Zooberry

If I’ve missed your AwesomeHandle, then gimme a shout and I’ll add it to the next edition! :)

Don’t forget to drop in your recommendations for #AwesomeHandles in the comment section below, or gimme a shout on twitter (@silv3rglee) with your recommendations!

PS: if the link to your twitter page in the list above doesn’t work, lemme know – I had issues with a few of them!


Anonymous said...

Thank u for including my Twitter handle in your list. :)... My recommendations would be @yearning4d_sky and @2morrowknight. Keep it up!

- Pinkmoonpeeps

Abhishek said...

Hey Swati Thanks for listing these all awesome handles. Please create a Twitter list of these. would love to follow these fundu people.

@rockstah said...

This is a super list.
Talking about recommendations, I guess you've almost covered them all.


Those are a few #awesomehandles on my timeline.

lifeisbetter said...


Mr. Laapata said...

Thank you for adding me. :)

Fried Eye said...

Thanks for adding us. \m/

Australopithecus said...

Thanks for including my handle on this.

Anurag said...

Lol just saw I m also listed. Sorry due to many commitments was not on tw... for long