Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twits and their #AwesomeHandles 5.0

Ok, so this post's been sitting in my drafts for a number of weeks! Sorry about that!


Here I am with another set of #AwesomeHandles!

In my last post (Twits and their #AwesomeHandles 4.0) I’d mentioned how the point-oh came into being. So, while this is the fifth edition of #AwesomeHandles, it’s technically the second edition of the point-oh system.

You’re right, that’s got nothing to do with anything. That was just FYI. =)

What, how, when, why and various other w’s and h’s are featured in the first edition, second edition and third edition. Skim through to get an idea. Or even if you just wanna see who’s been featured so far. =)

That reminds me, another feature that’s emerged from this trend is a handle I’ve created: @AweseomHandles. This handle only follows #AwesomeHandles that have been featured in my blogs so far. Some of the handles on my previous posts no longer exist: some users have deleted their accounts, while others have changed their handles to newer, more interesting ones!

In any case, all #AwesomeHandles that still exist are being followed by @AwesomeHandles. So in case you want a comprehensive list of which ones to follow, go on and follow this handle. But remember: if your handle isn’t featured on any of the #AwesomeHandle blog editions, then this handle won’t follow you. *shrugs*

Also, I don't really tweet a lot from that handle. It sort of just sits there following a bunch of #AwesomeHandles. *shrugs again*

For those of you who have no idea what I’m going on about: I essentially have a collection of Twitter handles (usernames) that are, well, kinda fascinating. Some of these I come across via numerous RT’s and mentions. However, most of these are on the list because someone recommended the handle. If it weren’t for these recommendations, I prolly wouldn’t have a list this long!

For this particular edition, I had heaaaaaps of help from two special people: @0__1 and @md610. Thanks guys! #AwesomeHandles 5.0 wouldn’t’ve happened if it weren’t for your recommendations! You rock! =D

Alrightie then…here goes the next set of #AwesomeHandles:

  1. @_
  2. @addicted_idiot
  3. @AmreekanGandu
  4. @bitiyakebabul
  5. @blinkandumissit
  6. @buttercheesefly
  7. @chalu_chori
  8. @chupchap
  9. @Coconutsurfing
  10. @cranialopulence
  11. @deathclause
  12. @DevilsRejection
  13. @disruptiveplay
  14. @doofus_
  15. @EscF12
  16. @Fhrooti
  17. @FiveRupees
  18. @freegeek
  19. @God_Damn_Batman
  20. @gora_khargosh
  21. @GothVag
  22. @HaltViolence
  23. @IAmHandled
  24. @IamSilverFox
  25. @iFUCKEDhimSILLY
  26. @JackAss
  27. @KdProQuo
  28. @LastManAndRound
  29. @LiteraryLapses
  30. @MaddoMomo
  31. @middle_Dt_fingr
  32. @NeoAaragorn
  33. @NonSlave
  34. @OyeHooye
  35. @papercutjigsaw
  36. @paperslut
  37. @peeketalli
  38. @Pickledsnob
  39. @pishipotty
  40. @PsychoSurd
  41. @punkpolkadots
  42. @StondImmaculate
  43. @stridewallops
  44. @Sweetly_Corrupt
  45. @thenoblemaster
  46. @thesulk
  47. @UnnamedEntity
  48. @utterflea
  49. @WolframZeta
  50. @Word_Witch

There you have it – #AwesomeHandles 5.0!

Remember – you can contribute to my ever-growing list by dropping in a comment below or by giving me a shout at @silv3rglee. In case you're wondering, yes, you can nominate your own handle if you think it's awesome!

Let’s see how far this list goes.

Total #AwesomeHandles count as of today: 432.