Friday, December 10, 2010

Twits and their #AwesomeHandles – Third Edition

It’s been a while since I posted the last #AwesomeHandles edition. I'm through with two editions and this is the third of the lot!

Now, the thing is, if you haven’t read the other two editions – well firstly, why haven’t you?!? The links are right there! *pffft*

Anywhoooooo, in case you haven’t read the last edition specifically, you won’t quite know why this edition has only 40 entries. To catch up on the reasoning, read up here. =)

Also, the next editions will feature 50 handles each, making it a perfectly even number. And a multiple of 5. And 2.

Oh, just read the previous damn post already!

Now, as tradition holds, it’s time for shout outs to those who dropped in their suggestions and recommendations! My man @PremPiyush and my babe @md610 never fail to contribute, and not just contribute, but spread the word so other can contribute and then they drop in their suggestions, so technically, if there were any royalty attached to the recos, then these guys would be getting it! You get the drift. =)

So guys - big shout out to you both! *huuuuugs*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…here goes “Twits and their #AwesomeHandles – Third Edition”:

1 @2morrowknight
2 @abeychup
3 @badinsomniac
4 @BeAGirl_Today
5 @behenchod
6 @blackrosegal
7 @blahssome
8 @BunnyMandala
9 @chootiya
10 @Cleverjackal
11 @complicateur
12 @ConfinedWisdom
13 @Decloned_Taz
14 @flamelily3
15 @indigocat
16 @indigypsy
17 @jugni_on_acid
18 @NameFieldEmpty
19 @OhTeri_BhenDi
20 @overrated_me
21 @p_a_r_a_d_o_x
22 @PariahWisdom
23 @peachbiscuit
24 @punkster101
25 @RaapChick
26 @Ramblinggeek
27 @rockstah
28 @saffrontrail
29 @sixtematik
30 @SoundofDementia
31 @TheSolutionBaba
32 @vSAMosa
33 @Your_Boss
34 @thejunebug
35 @raagwasgood
36 @MaidyCook
37 @Athingofjoy
38 @OldFunnyJoker
39 @itssotweet
40 @Shortpitched

If you’re featured here then, well, bravo! =)

And if you aren't and want to be or know of others with #AwesomeHandles that aren’t featured in the first edition, second edition or this one, then drop in your / their handles in the comment box below, or lemme know on twitter (@silv3rglee).



Prem Piyush Goyal said...

*takes a bow*

Shoumik said...

Oh Swati I am honored to be listen on your awesome handles list. Thank you so much!!

Anastasia said...

Aww TDAllonsy isn't on there? :-(

MaDdy!!! said... like!!!