Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beyond The Black Restriction

Behind the veils of injustice,

Do you feel, as do I?

Do you feel the passions, aches and needs;

Do you then feel humiliated, ashamed, shy…?

Do you see the blurry world outside

And sometimes, silently cry?

Do you look beyond yours,

Wish, hope, pray; then just heave a heavy sigh?

Do you feel the need to break free;

Do you want to sometimes fly…?

Do you sometimes look at you

And simply wonder: why…?

Do you sometimes wish that you,

Yourself could go real high?

Do you feel the lack of privacy,

The presence of someone always there to pry…?

Does life seem very unfair to you,

Does it appear awfully sly?

Do you feel you can help yourself;

At least give it a try?

Do you let it all get to you;

Let the tear escape your eye?

Hidden behind the veils of coyness,

Do you sometimes feel, as do I…?


Stained said...


Anonymous said...

nice thoughts!

Pranay said...

Nice! Like your style of writing :D