Sunday, January 30, 2011

Insanity Over Sanity

Tears of glory;

Tears of pain.

Contrasting people:

Some agonized, some insane.

Hatred, cruelty, destruction –

In the path of humanity, an obstruction.

Cries of anguish;

Cries of joy.

Playing with terror

As though a child’s toy.

Shattered, tortured, hurt hearts –

Terrorizing people, part by part.

Shouts of horror;

Shouts of cheer.

Horrifying the innocent,

Attacking peace with a spear.

Anger, retaliation, revenge –

The only sane way to avenge?

Smoke from blasts;

Smoke from fire;

With everyone in it together,

Peace had to retire.

Pain, horror, tears: the common trend.

Insanity, hereon, shall lead to the end…

*note: this is a poem I wrote a day after 9/11.


GvSparx ~ Inspiring Life said...

very well written!
it speaks a lot.

silv3rglee said...

Thanks heaps! =)