Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twits and their #AwesomeHandles

It was just another day at work. But as history holds witness, the best ideas in the world come in the most mundane, regular environments.

A regular Sunday it was. Wait, maybe it was Monday. No, it couldn’t have been a Monday, I have too many meeting lined up on Mondays. Tuesday. That’s it – it was the Middle Eastern ‘hump day’. The hardest day of the week to get by, they say. Although...hmmm…personally, I always think Wednesdays are the hardest. One day before the last day of the week and you’re not quite sure how to feel. Yeah, you’re kinda getting excited about the weekend, but then, you don’t really wanna over-do it and kill the Thursday-buzz, but then you don’t wanna sulk cuz you’re almost done with the week. Yeah, Wednesday. It had to be a Wednesday. Or…was is a slow Thursday…?


Moving on (finally!) – on a particular day of the working week a couple of months ago, I parked at 7.30, sat at my desk at 7.45, switched on my laptop and waited for it to load. Ten minute later I had Lotus Notes, Facebook, Gmail and Gtalk open on my laptop. Not to mention my lifeline – Tweetdeck.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m one of those social-media-enthusiast-thingamajig-people.

As the day progressed with GM’s and #earlyriser tweets, traffic updates, news, random tweets and retweets, I couldn’t help but notice that a few RT’s stood out. Not so much for the tweets themselves but for the handles that were tweeting the tweets. Walkin’ the walk. Talkin’ the talk. LIvin’ the life. Runnin’ the lap.

Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. :S

Anywho…as I was saying, there were a few handles that stood out and made me take notice. Not to say that I hadn’t noticed some insanely creative handles before, but sometimes things just hit you like a bold of lightening. This was one of those moments.

I forget if it was
@bitchwanti, @ChamatkariBaba, @BollywoodGandu or @gabbbarsingh that triggered this ‘concept’ for a blog post. It could’ve been any one of them, or any one of the other 150 handles. Can’t really be sure. Point is, I got thinking about these crazy handles that I was coming across on a daily basis.

How many more of these are out there? What levels of creativity have people gone to?

And that’s when the hashtag was created – #AwesomeHandles. I’m not saying it got too popular, but I’m not saying it didn’t. Some extremely awesome and fantabulous tweeps fed me with numerous suggestions for #AwesomeHandles and that’s how the list went from 15 to 150 in a matter of a few days!

Big shout out going out to
@ParulBh, @md610 and @prempiyush for their crazy help and constant suggestions for #AwesomeHandles!

Parul, for having sent over 50 of them in one day alone, and Prem and MD for constantly feeding me with their recommendations (even when I was on vacation!). Prem offered to be my 'assistant' at one point of time to help me get this blog out there. It's finally done, mate! :o)

And a special shout out to @musingsman who actually changed his old handle to this one just so he could be featured on the list. You made it, man! :o)

I’m hoping this blog post will be followed up with another one (or multiple blog posts) as and when my list grows. And I have a strong feeling that it will. :o)

Now, initially I’d written down meanings against as many of these handles as I could, but then I realized that most of them are far beyond explanations. You have to enjoy these for the sheer brilliance and creativity behind them.

And just FYI, I’m
@silv3rglee - :o)

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you the first set of #AwesomeHandles:

  1. @_OutofOrder_
  2. @0__1
  3. @AamAdmy
  4. @abhi_nahi
  5. @absurd
  6. @Accha_Baccha
  7. @agyaani
  8. @albelinaar
  9. @AliceInDumyland
  10. @amreekandesi
  11. @Anusual
  12. @arabicaah
  13. @arbitthoughts
  14. @aslipatrakaar
  15. @baavri
  16. @bagoffortune
  17. @BakwasBandKar
  18. @bejafry
  19. @Bell_Bajao
  20. @Bew_D
  21. @bhalomanush
  22. @Bheja_Fried
  23. @bitchwanti
  24. @BlinkySprite
  25. @BollywoodGandu
  26. @boozychef
  27. @boy_inthe_box
  28. @brainstuck
  29. @ButterHotShoes
  30. @bythebai
  31. @caramelcheeks
  32. @ChamatkariBaba
  33. @cho_chweet
  34. @chorbazari
  35. @cookiemonster82
  36. @cow_herd
  37. @cracked
  38. @CruciFire
  39. @DaddyBird
  40. @DedhShaani
  41. @deementiaa
  42. @delhidreams
  43. @desihitler
  44. @DevilOnBunk
  45. @dhartiparbojh
  46. @dhinkchak
  47. @DingDongMong
  48. @dram_e_baaz
  49. @ekthappadmaaru
  50. @EnigmaticDosa
  51. @fangpyre
  52. @feedkoko
  53. @fibonaccifreak
  54. @flyfiddlesticks
  55. @flyyoufools
  56. @fossiloflife
  57. @gabbbarsingh
  58. @Gambl3R
  59. @GeekyInaneTwit
  60. @geekykarma
  61. @GiggleFlower
  62. @GoIdDustWoman
  63. @Gulabo_Massi
  64. @haramkhorBaccha
  65. @Idefinecrazy
  66. @iemofreak
  67. @InstantMusings
  68. @itsCreation
  69. @ivfwaladoctor
  70. @jarofjuice
  71. @jibberjabbajude
  72. @justMouse
  73. @Kaala_Bander
  74. @KarmicThoughts
  75. @laaajo
  76. @lafannga
  77. @Letzliveagain
  78. @likethatonly
  79. @LimeIce
  80. @LiveHeartDie
  81. @lokarlotweet
  82. @lost_soul_
  83. @madFrogg
  84. @madversity
  85. @malgudiman
  86. @ManIndigo
  87. @MarkWalaTeja
  88. @mentalexotica
  89. @MeraAfsana
  90. @metallicsmile
  91. @metalsaint
  92. @morfinrider
  93. @mostlyharmless
  94. @musingsman
  95. @mycrotchetyluv
  96. @MystiqueWanderr
  97. @nautanki
  98. @NomadWanderer
  99. @nonstopthinker
  100. @normaltusker
  101. @numbminded
  102. @oneblackcoffee
  103. @OyeBehenDeTakke
  104. @Pagal_Ladki
  105. @panchhi_bawara
  106. @perniciously
  107. @Pissed0ffPari
  108. @pitusultan
  109. @plasmadog
  110. @pleasefindthis
  111. @poeticgooner
  112. @poojars
  113. @PurpleNaNo
  114. @qwiky
  115. @RangeenPanda
  116. @Roflindian
  117. @SaaliKhushi
  118. @Sacredinsanity
  119. @Sala_jamesbond
  120. @satanictweets
  121. @schmmuck
  122. @semi_conscious
  123. @SickPuppyDawg
  124. @softykid
  125. @spymaami
  126. @stupidusmaximus
  127. @suddentwilight
  128. @taklooman
  129. @Tau_ke_bole
  130. @terimaaki__
  131. @The_HappyNoodle
  132. @the0ddball
  133. @TheBusyBrain
  134. @thecoffeenazi
  135. @TheHumerus
  136. @TheOmRudra
  137. @Thewastebin
  138. @trailblazr
  139. @twilightfairy
  140. @twitballiye
  141. @twittafart
  142. @twittardaputtar
  143. @UpjauDimaag
  144. @virtualgoddess
  145. @VisH2So4
  146. @vodkaholic
  147. @whatdbeep
  148. @whitecrayon
  149. @whizkidd
  150. @whygrow_up
  151. @WickedNoize
  152. @wittophile
  153. @wraith_ness
  154. @yearning4d_sky
  155. @yummit
  156. @zararock