Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Rainbow Of Life

They all blend in. And then sometimes they don't. One would wonder how that happens. There aren't answers to all questions. Some questions demand no answers. Rhetoric.

Yet, some things remain to be so absurd, abstract. Our perspectives in life are so blunt and monotonous. There aren't just two sides to a coin. It has faces, curves, vertices. In life we presume that things are either black or white. We forget that there exist shades of grey, blue, yellow, red.... Vibrance. Versitality. Individuality. Radiance. They depict so much character, one would almost expect a pulse. Almost. They don't.

Yet, somehow, they do. They energize, depress, anger, infuriate, calm, soothe.... They do all this and more. Yet, we can't give them life. They do that to us. Personification, you say. Suit yourself.

The irony, however, remains in one minute detail. When they choose to get together, stick together, join hands and support a common goal, they fuse and transform into a lovely, peacefully soothing white. When they revolt, argue, contradict, rebell and repell, they bounce away, reflect off, dissipate and diffuse to leave behind a dark, gloomy, almost toxic black.

One would wonder why that happens, what happens to the shades and colours. And then sometimes on won't. You'd think they wouldn't blend in. And then again, sometimes, they do...

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